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Last modified: January 13, 2014

Our Spirit Vestigations Group consists of 5 members. We have actively been investigating
Spirit and Paranormal Activity together as a group as of November of 2011. Since then we
investigated public and private hauntings and locations in NY in the following
Counties: Ontario, Monroe, Wayne. Livingston, Steuben, and Yates. We are willing to go
into Seneca County as well, and, would travel to other nearby counties if we found that a
specific situation warranted it.

Our members have all had Spirit and Paranormal Activity experiences before we came
together as a group, and many more since then. One of our members has been Sensitive

to the
Spirit World for most of their life.  As well, we all believe that because of our
investigations we have all become more sensitive to the Paranormal.  Most of our group
members have, in the past, as well as currently, live in haunted locations.

All of us believe in the Spirit World and know that sometimes Our World and the Spirit
World collide, as we have all personally experienced.  However when we set out to do an
investigation we do try and discover what exactly is occurring and if there is a reason
other than a paranormal one for what people are experiencing at each location.

A main reason and purpose of our investigations is to try to help people who are having
these experiences find some answers and possibly get proof that what they are
experiencing is really happening, and, as well, to try to help those that are doing the
Paranormal Activity, if possible.

We do our investigations
Free of Charge, there is no cost other than the time we need to
meet with you and to have access to your location.